Eclipse Yacht Manangement | A Brief History

We've come a long way, with a lot further to go.....

We at Eclipse YM started manipulating vinyl a long time ago. We operated a small to medium sized signwritng company in the UK. This is where our background in vinyl products comes from. The vinyl wrapping business started as an off-shoot of the sign making business, initially wrapping cars and other vehicles.

Some astute companies realised the potential in the products that companies like 3M were investing millions of dollars in. Eclipse YM is one of those companies. With a maverick attitude to trial and error, it became quickly apparent that these materials are tough, durable, and extremely adaptive to the marine sector. Some traditionalists scoffed at the idea that yacht wrapping could be an alternative to wrong they were.

An Eclipse YM Wrap WILL save you thousands, if not TENS of thousands of Dollars, Pounds, or Euro's if you choose it as an alternative to paint. Start your journey into a whole world of COLOUR today!

Since we've been providing the marine industry with our yacht wraps, we've accumulated great skill and knowledge associated with all yachts and boats. Our passion for all things nautical has driven our expansion. With investment and training we've become a company you can rely on to provide you with a full gamut of marine services. Our extensive contacts list allows us to draw on a huge array of resources. If you are looking to refit your vessel we can manage the entire project from beginning to end. This encompasses collection, berthing, engineering, surveys, insurance work, painting, wrapping, interiors etc. to name just a few. We are also qualified mechanical/electrical engineers.

Call us on +44 (0)845 528 0889 to discuss your needs today.