Macglide© Antifouling Film | A Toxic Free Solution

Thanks to its non-stick properties, MacGlide antifouling protects the hull from the colonization of marine micro-organisms without spreading toxic substances into the ocean.

MacGlide consists of a protective adhesive film for below the waterline, coated with silicone paint . In other words, it is an “adhesive underwater paint”, a technological leap with multiple benefits.

macglide antifouling The Problem

Each year in Europe, nearly 150,000 tonnes of antifouling paint containing biocides are used in order to prevent aquatic organisms from attaching themselves to hulls. These paints release toxic substances into the ocean, which have a very harmful impact on the marine environment.

The Solution

Eclipse YM & Mactac are coming together to develop an innovative and non-polluting alternative, compared to current fouling treatments. Thanks to it repelling properties (patent pending), the MacGlide adhesive film protects your hull from colonisation by marine organisms without spreading biocides and/or pesticides which contaminate the water. Thus, MacGlide preserves marine life and indirectly, human health.

The Benefits
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Preserves the marine environment. MacGlide does not erode in water and contains no biocide. It is also hazard free for the professional who applies it
  • SELF CLEANING: The fouling falls off by itself when the boat sails or motors at a speed of of over 7 knots.
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY: Up to 5 YEARS! Compared to six to eight months for toxic anti-fouling agents existing on the market.
  • REDUCING OSMOSIS: MacGlide is impermeable to water which brings unmatched protection to the gel coat. The moisture content of hulls covered in MacGlide is much less than any other traditional antifouling paint solutions.
  • EASY CLEAN: Unmatched ease of maintenance. Any stains can be removed with a simple sponge or a soft brush.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS: Proven in all European waters. MacGlide has been tested throughout Europe, and on all types of boats.
  • REDUCED FRICTION: Providing an increase in fuel economy estimated with savings of 5 to 6%.
Macglide Antifouling Film

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